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Solano Exp

Montclair, NJ  |  9.79 mi. away

Solano Exp is:

Woman Owned
Hispanic Owned
Social Enterprise
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About Solano Exp

Transforming Dreams into Reality - Embrace Vibrant Colors, Culture, and Traditions

Welcome to Solano Exp, where we celebrate the joy of life and the richness of vibrant colors, diverse cultures, and cherished traditions. Your presence here signifies your appreciation for these aspects, and we're thrilled to have you join us on this journey.

Solano Exp is the realization of a childhood dream that has now become a tangible reality, thanks to incredible individuals like yourself. We exist to support and uplift artisans, just as I envisioned when I was a young girl. Witnessing the struggles faced by artisans as they braved the elements to sell their products left a lasting impact on me. Even as a child, I recognized the importance of empowering these talented individuals to thrive.

My passion for sales ignited at the tender age of eight when I embarked on selling candy in my grandparents' neighborhood. Those early experiences laid the foundation for my unwavering commitment to assisting artisans in selling their crafts more effectively.

Together, let us embrace the beauty of handmade creations and forge a path where artisans can flourish, creating a brighter future for themselves and their communities. Thank you for being a part of our journey.

The Journey of Building a Family and Business - Embracing Challenges and Artistic Dreams

From an early age, I held a vision of owning my own company. However, to bring this dream to fruition, I needed to grasp the intricacies of business laws and the complexities of import-export regulations. Through perseverance, I completed my university education with a degree in international business. Yet, one significant obstacle remained: my limited knowledge of the English language.

After graduation, fueled by the ambition to establish my own business, I embarked on a journey to learn English. Joining a program in the United States, I found myself immersed in the vibrant environment of New Jersey, where fate had a surprise in store for me. It was during this time that I not only honed my language skills but also crossed paths with my future husband, and together, we began building a life and a family.

As I embraced the beautiful realms of art, music, and culture, I discovered my true calling – to collaborate with the artisans I had always admired as a child. This realization guided me towards a profound purpose: to support and uplift these talented individuals while simultaneously nurturing my own business venture.

Join me on this inspiring journey as we navigate the intertwined paths of family, entrepreneurship, and creative passion. Together, we can forge a future where love, art, and business harmoniously coexist.

Embrace the Joys of Life's Journeys - Unveiling the Beauty of Artisans and Collaboration

When I embarked on the path of Solano Exp and began working closely with artisans, there was an immediate and profound connection that resonated within me. Building genuine relationships with these talented individuals has become a true passion, enriching my life in countless ways. Supporting both the artisans and the vibrant spirit of Mexico has been an incredible blessing, one that has opened doors to remarkable experiences.

That's why it is vital to savor and relish the process of life's journeys. At Solano Exp, we are deeply passionate not only about uplifting Mexican artisans but also about fostering collaborations with other companies and entities that share our vision.

If you own a boutique or business and are seeking to develop a new product, allow us the privilege to assist you. By partnering with us, you provide artisans with invaluable opportunities for growth and creativity. We can customize and create products that embody the heart and soul of Mexico, ensuring your offerings are imbued with aesthetic excellence.

For those who hold the role of supplier diversity leader within their company, we encourage you to explore the commercial and social benefits that arise from generating consistent income for artisan families. Let us work together to customize exquisite handmade products for your team or employees, combining artistic craftsmanship with meaningful purpose.

Join us in celebrating the beauty of collaboration, as we forge a brighter future where the journeys we undertake uplift both individuals and communities alike.

Montclair Location

Discover the Vibrant Essence of Mexico with Solanoexp in Downtown Montclair, New Jersey

Solanoexp offers a captivating range of jewelry, fashion, and home goods crafted by talented women from diverse regions of Mexico. Our collection embodies a harmonious blend of ancestral traditions and European influences, resulting in a truly unique experience.

From coal to clay, and from fine leather to vibrant textiles, our artisans have skillfully infused their identity and history into every exquisite piece. With an abundance of colors, textures, and influences ranging from pre-Hispanic to baroque, we proudly showcase an endless array of creative possibilities and evolutionary designs.

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"Got the most gorgeous hand-embroidered little girls dress here. Everything in the boutique is so special, all handmade in Mexico, items we ..." Sarah Elizabeth
"Very friendly space, great customer service, lovely selection of goods from Mexico! Good luck to this new store!" Caren Kalman
"I like to support local retail businesses, and the shop is well designed. Friendly service." Cathy Green
"Beautiful store with lovely things. Excellent customer service!" Christina Casey
"Quality, Customer service" Janice Walker
"So knowledgable about their crafts and craftspeople. Very friendly, proud of their products and eager to make Montclair people appreciate ..." Carol Hosking
"A real addition to the Montclair retail scene - wonderful quality with "the human touch!"" Roger
"Gabriella is so sweet and shares beautifully about her culture." Todd Stone
"Wonderful, beautiful things with a great story behind them! Such a fun experience!" Wendy Lane