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Genevieve's E Vintage Collection

Montclair, NJ  |  9.92 mi. away

Genevieve's E Vintage Collection is:

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About Genevieve's E Vintage Collection

Embrace the Joys of Life's Journeys - Unveiling the Beauty of Artisans and Collaboration

When I embarked on the path of Solano Exp and began working closely with artisans, there was an immediate and profound connection that resonated within me. Building genuine relationships with these talented individuals has become a true passion, enriching my life in countless ways. Supporting both the artisans and the vibrant spirit of Mexico has been an incredible blessing, one that has opened doors to remarkable experiences.

That's why it is vital to savor and relish the process of life's journeys. At Solano Exp, we are deeply passionate not only about uplifting Mexican artisans but also about fostering collaborations with other companies and entities that share our vision.

If you own a boutique or business and are seeking to develop a new product, allow us the privilege to assist you. By partnering with us, you provide artisans with invaluable opportunities for growth and creativity. We can customize and create products that embody the heart and soul of Mexico, ensuring your offerings are imbued with aesthetic excellence.

For those who hold the role of supplier diversity leader within their company, we encourage you to explore the commercial and social benefits that arise from generating consistent income for artisan families. Let us work together to customize exquisite handmade products for your team or employees, combining artistic craftsmanship with meaningful purpose.

Join us in celebrating the beauty of collaboration, as we forge a brighter future where the journeys we undertake uplift both individuals and communities alike.

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Origin Story
After working in the fashion world as a buyer for major department stores and through television appearances, Genevieve Wrenn knows what she likes... And what you will too.

Spending countless time shopping - both personally and professionally - she knew she wanted something that wasn't in her world.

With a love of all things vintage and designer, Genevieve's Exclusive Vintage Collection was born. Traveling to source items from all around, Genevieve's Exclusive Vintage Collection has a little something for everyone.

Here at Genevieve’s, we take out the hours of endless searching to bring you a carefully curated selection of designer vintage clothing, denim, outerwear, shoes and accessories.

As an opponent to fast fashion, both ethically and environmentally, we are committed to bringing you the best sustainable fashion that's to be had.

Visit us at our Montclair store or shop with us online. If you are searching for something special, contact us and we will do our best to help you find what you are looking for.
Discover the Essence of Genevieve's: Curated Vintage Fashion for Sustainable Style

Origin Story:
Genevieve Wrenn, having gained valuable experience as a fashion buyer for renowned department stores and making appearances on television, possesses an innate understanding of personal style. She knows what she likes, and she knows what you'll love too.

Immersed in the world of shopping, both personally and professionally, Genevieve recognized a void waiting to be filled. Driven by a passion for vintage and designer fashion, she birthed Genevieve's Exclusive Vintage Collection. Embarking on journeys far and wide, she carefully sources unique items, ensuring that Genevieve's Exclusive Vintage Collection offers a little something for everyone.

At Genevieve's, we spare you the endless hours of searching by curating a thoughtfully selected range of vintage clothing, denim, outerwear, shoes, and accessories from esteemed designers. Our commitment extends beyond fashion, as we stand firmly against the negative impacts of fast fashion, both ethically and environmentally. We strive to bring you the finest sustainable fashion available.

Experience the Genevieve's Difference:
Whether you prefer to visit our Montclair store or explore our offerings online, we invite you to immerse yourself in the world of Genevieve's. If you're on the hunt for something extraordinary, don't hesitate to reach out to us. Our dedicated team will go above and beyond to assist you in finding exactly what you're seeking.

Indulge in curated vintage fashion that exudes timeless style, while aligning with your values of sustainability and individuality. Genevieve's is here to elevate your fashion journey.

Montclair, NJ, USA

Boutique storefront located outside Lackawanna Plaza, across the street from Crane Park in Downtown Montclair.

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