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Elmwood Bookkeepers

Union, NJ  |  7.52 mi. away

Elmwood Bookkeepers is:

Black Owned
Woman Owned
Family Owned
Some more

About Elmwood Bookkeepers

I'm Barbara, Founder of Elmwood Bookkeepers.

What started as a passion project in 2021, has blossomed into a purpose driven business to support people looking for more agency over their lives.
Over the last 10 years, I've worked in the accounting depts of publicly traded agencies & global firms in NYC across different sectors like Advertising, Legal, and Financial Services. That is where my love of business and strength for working with numbers developed.

While the industries were different, the framework that was in place always stayed the same.

Accurate Recordkeeping
Financial Analysis to make strategic business decisions

With our help clients can finally get excited about "the numbers side" of their business because they have the right support, tech stack and mindset.

My vision for Elmwood is to support businesses that bring wellness into their communities. Whether through food, travel, yoga, or therapy; if you improve the quality of life of your clients, we want to help.

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