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Colbert Clothing

Walterboro, SC  |  643.07 mi. away

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About Colbert Clothing

Hello and welcome to Colbert Clothing! My name is Jessica and I'm so glad you're here.

Years ago, I ran a successful online shipping supply company from my home. I shipped tens of thousands of envelopes and mailers over the course of several years. At one point, a local boutique owner bought some mailers from me and when I came to deliver them I was fascinated by her business - it was beautiful! Day in and day out she worked with pretty things. Where her work was delightfully feminine and pretty, shipping supplies were rather industrial and plain.

I pondered what gave her the ability to have a lovely job and why couldn't I do something similar. After some time thinking and praying about this, I started Colbert Clothing. But unlike the many boutiques that I saw online and in town, I wanted Colbert to be classic. To have wardrobe staples that you could wear again and again. I wanted to mesh trendy looks with classic style to bring women a modern, chic look.

The name Colbert was carefully chosen. My family and I had been down visiting some of the springs in Florida when we came across a gorgeous, old abandoned hotel. Telford was the name of it. Telford. I loved the sound of it! And, no doubt, I liked it 10x more due to the fact that it was connected to a historic building – I have a weakness for historic buildings! I decided that my boutique must have a nice, strong name such as Telford.

My father is brilliant and helped me decide on a name that was both unique and classy! And thus, Colbert Clothing was the name chosen!

Classic styles are my favorite – and not readily available just anywhere!

I realized that so much of the fashion that ladies wear is very modern – and it will be dated in no time. But classic garments are timeless! Here at Colbert, we want to present women with staples that they can pair with their of-the-moment pieces to render a classier look. We also offer modern trendy pieces that have a classic look.

Comfort is another important aspect we look to offer with Colbert Clothing! We want the classic look to be attainable by the everyday woman! We want her to feel confident and put together – and much of the confidence comes in feeling comfortable in your clothing!

Colbert Clothing

Specializing in sophisticated styles, Colbert Clothing's quality garments will inspire you to feel confident, comfortable and attractive! Located in South Carolina's Lowcountry.

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